Is this the/a bridge at Wesel in 1945?

Discussion in 'General' started by 8RB, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. 8RB

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    I expect(ed) this to be the/a bridge at Wesel in 1945. But I can't find pictures to confirm it. The structure on pictures I find seems slightly different. So I might well be wrong. Does anyone know where this photo was taken?

    Bridge 1945.jpeg
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  2. SDP

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    I remember seeing this, and possibly other photos of the same bridge, somewhere else on the Forum. Possibly in one of the Bailey Bridge threads. I'm quite sure it's of the Rhine near to Wesel.
  3. Trux

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    That is indeed the wrecked railway bridge at Wesel with a class 40 Bailey Bridge in the foreground. I have several photos of the bridge which I obtained from the Imperial War Museum.

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  4. stolpi

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    Yes ... it's the destroyed Wesel railway bridge and the smashed up town. In the background. on the left the damaged cathedral, which also features on this well-known aerial of the destroyed town:

    Your picture was taken from the class 40 pontoon bridge which was build right next to the destroyed bridge.
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  5. harkness

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    From my Dad's collection:

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  6. 8RB

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    Looking at the picture from your link, it must have been a very high pontoon bridge... ;)
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  7. stolpi

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    Yeah ... Yeah... edited my text ... :salut:

    At most of the crossing points of the Rhine river there were several bridges build ... the lower pontoon bridges ... followed later by the high water bridges ... at Wesel the high level water bridge was called Montgomery bridge.

    I have a picture of the Pontoon ... will post it later ... I'm currently on holidays in Denmark
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    Hi Stolpi, Thanks, and enjoy your holiday!
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    Put not your trust in rivers as defence lines

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