Is this some form of bracket for a weapon?

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    I was at Kirkistown Airfield last week.

    It is now used as a Racing Circuit.
    There are a number of concrete blocks at one section of the site which are now used for marking out where spectators are not allowed to stand.

    I have attached pictures of one with a metal attachment.

    Can anyone identify this for me? I am wondering if it may have been used perhaps to have a weapon attached.


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  2. Orwell1984

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    Looks rather flimsy for supporting a weapon and comparing it the the block beside it, the metal piece seems to have been added on as an afterthought with a blob of concrete to hold it in place. My guess would be part of cordon system with rope etc threaded through the hole or wrapped around similar ones like it is being used for,. Alternately it may have been a bracket to hold signage of some sort at one time.
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