Is this a Coldstream Guards service number?

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    I've posted on here before about my great uncle William Ernest Gee and have his service records.

    They show he joined the Coldstream Guards 23 May 1940. Posted to 4th Battalion initially he ended up in June 1941 going to West Africa, attached to variously the Sierra Leone regiment / West African ITC / Royal West African Frontier Force. He achieved the rank of WOII Company Sergeant Major before being medically discharged.

    I've shown the records to a former Coldstream Guard and he says his service number "isn't right".

    It is 841275.

    This is the number written on his Service and Casualty Form and it's also on his gravestone..... images below.

    Can anyone confirm if this number is a Coldstream Guards number or not?..... if not, any ideas of the origin?

    I have other documents which show he served in several territorial forces between 1930 and 1940 so wonder if the number originates from one fo them and was simply 'carried forward' to when he joined the Guards in 1940?....... these included Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers and the East Lancashire Regiment.

    Many thanks,

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    pic 2.jpg
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    Army Number Block Allocations

    Block allocation for Coldstream Guards was from 2646001 to 2688000

    Looks like your g. uncle served during the interwar period and retained his RA number (as was correct procedure)
    Royal Artillery (Field, Coastal & Anti-Aircraft) 721001 - 1842000 and 11000001 - 11500000
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    Just checked on Ancestry and it shows him in the RA Attestation Book and mentions 1934 - it includes a note of him reenlisting in the East Lancs 24/2/39. His number would carry over when he reenlisted/transferred
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    Superb as usual - many thanks both for the confirmation.........


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