Is This A Bailey Bridge

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    Out for a walk yesterday and saw this Bridge.

    It has the appearance of something which was bolted together and the wide sections for the base appear to have been designed to be able to adjust the width.

    It is neat Draperstown which is in the Sperrin Mountains.

    Clearly old I wonder if this is a WW2 vintage bridge.
    Sadly I could find no markings.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.


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  2. alberk

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    It certainly is a bridge made of Bailey parts - used in an unusual way to build a foot bridge. Whether it is WW2 vintage is hard to tell - the Bailey system was in use by NATO long after the war, too. And Bailey parts and systems are still produced in China today - so you can actually buy one. I believe that post war parts have slightly different measurements
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    This shows a Bailey under constuction as a training exercise in the 90's at Ripon a local RE TA unit 234 Fd Sqn Const RE from RAF Leeming.
    The bits I did not get a photo of are the initial layout of the parts, construction of the launching nose, strip out of the nose, fitting of the stringers, swaybracing and the decking.

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  4. Trux

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    Yes. Some Bailey parts. As already mentioned the Bailey was manufactured in several countries for many years. I hope the drawing with measurements will help. This is WW2.


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