Is Eileen Dunne still alive?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Emanuel1940, Nov 24, 2016.

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    Is Eileen Dunne - the young girl photographed by Cecil Beaton during the Blitz - still alive? She would be about 79 now if she was.

    Many thanks for answers in advance.

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    Hi Daniel

    A little more info may be necessary to ascertain which Eileen Dunne (or possibly Aileen) you are referring to, after all she may have for example, married, which throws other factors into the system ;)

  3. Owen

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  4. Tricky Dicky

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    Thanks Owen

    2 births for 1936 (if thats correct)
    Eileen C Dunne Apr-May-Jun 1936 Liverpool South Lancashire

    Eileen M Dunne Jan-Feb-Mar 1936 Prescot Lancashire

    1 death for an Eileen Dunne born 1936 but never married
    Eileen Dunne 1936 Jul 1999 Liverpool Lancashire

    Don't know if more info is out there??
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    Interesting one, this. If you scoure the web, this young victim is described as being Eileen Dunn, as well as Dunne. On some sites, she was injured up North, while other sites have her as being in Ormond Street Hospital (a victim of the London Blitz). Some give her age as 3 3/4, while others just say 3.

    I have checked my London air raid casualties - and there is no one by that name (or variant). The closest is Eileen Dunkin, injured in the V weapons campaign.

    So I checked the FreeBMD records. The ONLY one that stands out, to me, is Eileen Dunne, who had a Mother with the maiden name of Leahy. That leads to a marriage between Michael Dunne and Eileen M Leahy.

    In the 1939 Records, the family were living in Bootle, Liverpool. There are too many Eileen Dunne's, to work out a marriage, though.

    Here's the good news. Eileen has a younger sister, called Norah. She married a man called James P McShane. That is much easier to research. James is still living in the Merseyside area (postcode L10 7LY). I think contacting him, or Norah's children, is your best bet.

    Hope this is the right Eileen, and wishing you luck in finding her eileendunne.jpg

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