Irwin Farrar, 2nd battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers

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    Hi all.

    Trying to uncover a little more info on my Grandfather all I know is the following.

    Name: Irwin Farrar
    Regiment: Royal Scots Fusiliers (2nd Battalion I believe)
    Role: Bren-gunner
    Service number: 3131761
    I believe he was present at the battle of Ypres in May 1940
    Evacuated from Dunkirk

    If anyone has come across him on their research or internet trawling it would be great if I could find out more.


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    Hi Paul
    I am also trying to trace my wife's father who was with the 2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers in the BEF, so far I have not been able to find out why he returned to England before the debacle of Dunkirk, his name was Henry (Harry) Cummings and his number was 3591605, he joined the Regiment on the 10th Novmber 1921. If you do find any info on what happened regarding the battle for Ypres could you let me know
    Mike aka rotherfield
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    Did Harry Cummings rejoin 2 RSF and fight with them in Italy?


  5. Drew5233

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    If you don't know his battalion I would suggest you confirm this by applying for a copy of his service records, these will tell you where he was and who with. Without knowing for sure you could end up doing research about the wrong unit.


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