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    Does anyone know when this film is due for release?
    My workmate whose Dad was served in the Congo wants to know.
    See this thread.

    >> Irish Film Board

    Katanga (2008)
    1961: In the western inspired chaos of newly independent Congo, a battalion of Irish peacekeepers face death and destruction at the hands of white mercenaries and their Katangan allies.
    This is the story of the United Nations in Congo, faced with its first major crisis as the country begins to disintegrate. The situation comes to a violent climax as the UN comes under fire from all sides, the Secretary-General killed and its soldiers under ferocious attack from the white-led Congolese. Talking to survivors, with archives and reconstructions this film pieces together the story of people asked to achieve the impossible.

    Website says out late 2008, any idea when?
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    It would be of interest to Canadians and Indians as well.

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