Iraq and Afghanistan War Memorial, London

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    Iraq and Afghanistan War Memorial

    Victoria Embankment Gardens

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    Thanks for the photo's thay are fantastic!
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    It will be a focus of remembrance for those who served in these two conflicts and especially for relatives of those who lost their lives and those whose lives were changed forever by physical or mental battle scars.

    Thanks for posting.
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    Well done Clive,
    This is such an important Memorial I believe. It ensures that the service personnel who served and perished fighting in what are perceived more widely as unpopular wars, are not forgotten.
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    An absence of peace: When is a war actually a war? - BBC News
    "Fast forward to today. This week, in London, a memorial was unveiled to the service personnel and civilians who lost their lives in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. On the government's own website it is described as the Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial.

    In the lengthy press release that follows there is no mention of the word "war", except to say that the new memorial stands close to monuments to World War Two and the Korean War."

    The Queen unveiled the Iraq and Afghanistan memorial in London
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    Thanks Clive-I never knew it existed, somewhere for me to take my son when he's a bit older I think.

    I suspect the reason for the images of Scholars, Children, Aid parcels and the missing word war is to reduce the risk of it being vandalised with paint and murders/war crime graffiti. From someone who was there I can assure you it was most definitely a war.
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