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    Top gun of Iran`s airforce, World Ace w/ F14 Tomcat,

    2nd Brigadier General F.A. Mazandarani:

    Freydoon-Ali Mazandarani (1330, Tehran) Iran`s Air Force F-14 fighter flying ace who served in the Iran-Iraq war. Highlights of his career include hunting Iraqi aircraft on 26 Shahrivar 1359, ie 5 days before the official start of the war.

    "Fereydoon-Ali Mazandarani" After hiring Imperial Iranian Air Force, with the martyr, "Maj. Gen. Mostafa Ardestani" as the pilot of the F-5 - Northrop, and then transfered to Dezful Air Base. in 1356, he was transfered to Isfahan AB, as F-14 Pilot.

    Among the important activities he carried out, the first aerial refueling in the night by the F-14 instructor pilot in the rear cockpit martyr " Maj. Gen. Hashem al-Agha" two weeks before the official start of the war, that was the beginning of the day and night protecting Iran`s sky.

    Air kills:

    He is known as F-14 Pilot, He has 9 aerial reliable and two possibility Victories, that makes his kills to number 11. Some of them are:

    With Foenix Missile, 6 Iraqi planes, as below:

    26 Shahrivar 1359, in accordance with the September 17, 1980, with Lt. Qasem Sultani, an aircraft.

    3 Mehr 1359 according to the September 25, 1980, with Lt. Gholam Reza Najafi, two aircrafts.

    9 Azar 1359 in accordance with the November 11, 1980, with Lieutenant Ebrahim Ansarin, two planes.

    4 Persian date Ordibehesht 1360 in accordance with the April 24, 1981, Lieutenant Farrokh rooz* , an aircraft.

    Unknown date: 1 hunted Iraqi Super etandard with Ebrahim Ansarin.

    In close combat, using machine guns, 2 aircrafts.

    On two separate occasions, in a stage (with Gen. J. Shokraeii rear cockpit), two aircraft in other conflict (with Abbas Sanat kar rear cockpit),Three aircrafts in very low altitude (fifteen to twenty meters above sea level) crushed into water, without firing from the plane.

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    Left: Major Iraj Mohebi and Right: Martyr 1Lt. MohammadReza Azarfar - after landing damaged F4-D in Mehrabad Airbase - 12.12.1361 (= 03.03.1983)

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    [​IMG]From R to L:

    Shokrollah Marashi Zadeh, Jalil Khadem -ol- Olama, RIP Mahmood Eskandari, (unknown first name) Shiari, Qasem Amini, Abbas Haq Parast, Hamdollah Kian Sajedi, Abbas Feli zadeh

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    2Lt. Martyr Hosseyn Bahram - 1982 - Qasr -e Shirin

    Bridge on Shahid Chamran highway and Mollasadra Street is named on his honor.

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    Operation Kaman 99 (Operation Bow 99) was an operation launched by the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force in retaliation to Iraqi surprise aerial attacks on Iran the day before which marked the beginning of the 8-year-long Iran–Iraq War.

    losses of Operation Kaman 99:

    Maj. M. J. Portavan, F-5E, plane destroyed, Pilot Injured.

    Cpt. M. Nazerian, F-5E, plane destroyed, Pilot KIA.

    Cpt. KH. Eshghi Pour & RIO: 1Lt. A. Eslami, F-4E, Plane Destroyed, Both pilots KIA.

    Cpt. D. Yazdanfar* & RIO: 2Lt. F. Rahbar, F-4E, Plane damaged, Both Pilots OK.

    1Lt. GH. Orouji, F-5E, plane destroyed, Pilot KIA.

    1Lt. SH. Oveisi, F-5E, plane destroyed, Pilot Injured.

    1lt. P. Hatamian, F5-E, plane destroyed, pilot POW.

    2Lt. M. Jahanshahloo, F-5E, plane destroyed, Pilot KIA.

    2Lt. T. Yussuf, F-5E, Plane destroyed, pilot POW.

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    very rare photo from zoffar war:

    From R to L:

    Reza Tabanfar - Hormoz Marefat - Dariush Jalali - Hasan Vaezi - Mahmood gheidian

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