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    A Message To All:

    After 8+ years of recording images of war graves and memorials in 21 countries within Asia, I have finally managed to put a website together: WWW.ASIAWARGRAVES.COM

    This will be a 'static' site i.e. without forums/comments-pages etc and it's primary function is to act as an additional 'beacon' for those who, in their quest for such images, may miss the mainstream sites.

    I will no longer post under the ASIA WAR GRAVES PHOTO GROUP logo (July 2012-December 2016) as we 4-good-people are now going to concentrate in our own particular areas:

    Tony - dealing with Hong Kong during WW2
    Michael - dealing with Taiwan/Formosa and pows-camps during WW2
    Rod - dealing with Thai-Burma Death Railway
    Myself - issues related to supplying images and videos from 21 countries in Asia

    p.s. links to all above are in my LINKS page. Am happy to add additional links and, in turn, would appreciate a mention of this site whenever possible...Thanks

    It's very important that I still continue to receive image-requests from WEBMASTERS as that has always proven to be a great source for me. So - when you do receive an image-request, contact me as before and don't just give my website details instead. This request applies even-more-so when one considers the times that certain sites are not available due to slow connection speeds and/or governments' restrictions on websites with a 'military' content - an all-too common scenario here in Asia.
    I want to continue to keep all of us in the 'loop' with this one...Thank You.

    Finally: I look forward to continuing to work with all of you in the years ahead and THANK YOU for assisting me in distributing so many images these past 8 years or so.

    Tony :poppy: - Logo.jpg Homepage - ASIAWARGRAVES.COM.jpg
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    Tony thank you for a great site, you have helped me immensely over the years in supplying me with Recce photos & this site should help many others.

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    Tony thank you for the fantastic work you have carried out over the years.


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