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    I assume the full name of this 23H Sherman (in front of Antwerp Opera House, 4 September 1944) was "CHAMBER OF HORROR". I have always found this quite intriguing. On the one hand I imagine it reflected the feelings of its crew. On the other hand I am a bit surprised that it was allowed. Any other photos of intriguing vehicle names? The photo is an original from my collection.

    23H - Antwerp - 4 Sept 44 - Chamber of Horror.jpg
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    My understanding is that, while the name is clearly not an 'official' one, such informal ones were tolerated. Most names were 'girlfriends' - dad apparently had Muriel (my mums Christian name) chalked onto his Sherman (drivers) hatch - or, like this one, indicating Army 'humour'. I think the most famous example is Therese(?) chalked onto the 3RTR tank with real name Cobra.
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    American nose art had a lot of great names too, as I'm sure you know.
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    Common practice apparently, to use sinister names, in some part (all of C Sqn., or just one troop?!) of 23H. Some more darkish 23H Sherman names found in this great resource (thanks!):


    Would be nice to add some more photos here!
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    I'm not sure if people see this as a "Romeo" with a question mark? It caught my eye at first because for a second I had thought that it said "Ronson?"

    I guess that they might have been "Shakespeare" themed. Though I wondered why the "?"

    Comes from: Feast for 8th AB vehicle spotters.
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    Interesting to see the names of the Polish "24th Lancers" tanks in there too. i..e "KASIA - 24th Lancers Regiment, 1st Polish Armoured Division" - perhaps largely 'girlfriends' / spouses too perhaps e.g.


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    This probably stems from British WW1 Tank Corps naming conventions when names reflected the battalion letter so that all B battalion's tanks had names beginning with a B etc. The actual name was left to the tank commander and often reflected his personal sense of humour - hence Frae Bentos of F Battalion a Mk IV tank that fought a famous action in 1917
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    I seem to recall that some tanks had names starting with A, B, or C depending on which squadron they were in.
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    And when the original squadrons expanded into battalions in 1917 so did the naming convention see my previous post.
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    ...and similarly:
    A = 1st Royal Tank Regiment
    B = 2nd Royal Tank Regiment
    C = 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, with examples being Calais, Corinth, Crusader, Celerity, Cobra, Champion.....
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