Interwars Welch regiment to WWII RWF Army Cert of service book

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  1. Bond

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    Not sure if this is the right section for this as I don't know that he served with the 53rd Welsh division, but it seems likely, though as it does not say which battalion he served with the RWF, he might have been in the Far East with the 1st or 2nd battalions.

    Named to John Poland who joined the Welch in 1919 (interestingly it has it as the Welch, though officially they were the Welsh until 1920) and served in India gaining the GS medal with Waziristan clasp, then he served with them until November 1931, rejoined the army with the Kings in June 1940 until August 41 when he joined the Cheshire's and then in October 43 he joined the RWF until after the wars end.

    Is there anyway of finding out any more about his WWII service and in particular if he served with the 53rd Welsh division in NW Europe?

    Thanks for any thoughts on this would be great appreciated and hopefully this is in the right place.

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  2. Swiper

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    Its very hard to say currently.

    Obvious units are 4, 6, 7 RWF, in NWE or 1 and 2 in Burma.

    I'll flick through my RWF books in the hope of getting a hit.
  3. Bond

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    Thanks Swiper, I realise it's a long shot unless he was mentioned by name for something. The date of his transfer to the RWF makes Europe more likely than the far east I think.
  4. Swiper

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    No other hints or photographs to go off? Any tidbits at all?
  5. Bond

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    No other hints or photographs to go off? Any tidbits at all?

    Sadly not, just the Certificate of Service book I posted.

    Thanks for trying anyway as I expected it to likely be a fruitless search.

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