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    Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone has any of the War Establishments that relate to infantry from WO 24/929 to WO 24/932, for instance, Infantry Battalion WE, Brigade WE, Division WE that they are willing to share? Or indeed, know of an online or printed source? I am particularly interested in 1923-1925.
    I have searched everywhere and can find very little, short of going to Kew, which I am unable to do at present.
    Thanks in advance,
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    My research into WEs didn't go back quite that far (I cherry-picked a few from 1931 at the earliest). They are probably quite short documents if they are on the same basis as the Great War era WEs. I think you might be best asking for a researcher armed with a digital camera to photo the pages for you. I'm not sure if we're allowed to recommend but I had a very good service from a member here who also carries out research at a very decent £0.09 per page. So, if you don't know the number of pages are definitely there, but know your budget, you can probably estimate the maximum number of pages you would want copied, and can set a limit accordingly.

    The difficulty is in not knowing the layout of the WEs in the volume and being able to say whether all the Inf and Cav Div tables for example are all neatly grouped so can easily be identified and copied. Certainly forum member Aixman has done a lot of work in the WO24 series, so may be in a position to offer some first hand advice on the layout.

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