International Women's Day today

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    Who said what about women in the past?

    Sir Peter Ustinov:
    A good woman motivates a man
    A brilliant women captivates a man
    A pretty woman inspires a man
    The participating woman gets him

    Robert Burns, poet from Scotland
    Happiness is - a decent Martini, a good cigar and a decent woman, or an indecent woman, depending how much luck a man can handle.

    Clint Eastwood

    Whenever a woman does not speak , don't interrupt her


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    If a man says something in the forest and his wife dosen't hear him, is he still wrong? :)
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    Only if he is a nominee for the Supreme Court.
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    Or if you are Justin Trudeau you get to say " that some times women have different interactions then men". This refers to the Gropegate incident of last year. Ah, the incredible lightness of being is our so called feminist prime minister.

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