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    good afternoon guys, I do have to say with disappointment at the moment I don't own any records from ICRC as I keep missing the window but I do plan on ordering them next time, I do believe he was the first wave of POWs to enter the camp but wasn't sure thanks for confirming that for me,

    been an amateur of this research I didn't know of any records for the working party's so this is new to me and something i am interested in leaning more of, what sort info could I learn from searching these out ? and could you point me in the right direction on where to get these records
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    The only details I’ve seen about Work Camps on the forum is when members have posted ICRC Stalag visit reports and were able to visit a handful of “attached” work camps.

    The reports I’ve seen don’t list names of work camp POW’s and are more concerned with camp conditions. The work camp leader and/or man of confidence isn’t usually named.

    Sorry I can’t post a list to the reports I recall having sight of. A search of National Archives catalogue may turn up ICRC inspection reports

    The only personal recollection I can add is that my late father spoke of being taken from his Stalag 17 B work camp at Mistelbach to see ICRC inspection team at Wiener Neustadt in summer 1944. I’ve never searched for the report.

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    Anyone who managed to submit an ICRC application in the very short window of opportunity 17th September 2018 ought to be receiving the ICRC reply shortly. I received mine today.

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    Hi steve could you confirm when the next window is ?
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