International Brigade, Spanish Civil War 1936-39

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    ¡No pasarán!

    Memorial in Belfast to XV International Brigade, Spanish Civil War 1936-39.
    Donegall Str. opposite St Anne's Cathedral.

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    I like that a lot!
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    Something a little different..


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    copied your post from the memorial thread and added it to this old one as well.

    If anyone has photos of any other Spanish Civil War memorials, they'd also be welcome here on this thread.
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    Thanks as always Clive. I was only reading the other day about the many Jewish members of the Brigade in Martin Sugarman's Fighting Back.
    The memorial is in remarkable condition for it's 31 years.
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    There are three memorials to the Spanish Civil War in Ireland, and one in Northern Ireland, and there may be more. I think that the one in Castlebar commemorates men who fought on the Nationalist side, but the others commemorate the Republican side, the memorial in Dublin having the names of sixty men who died in the war.
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    There's a nice memorial to the Mackenzie Papineau Battalion in Victoria, British Columbia.
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    Another one to the Mac Paps in Ottawa.[​IMG]
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    Victoria B.C.




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    This is in Victoria Park, Leicester.

    Fred Sykes Jarama 1937

    Jack Watson Jarama 1937

    Roy Watts Ebro 1938


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    La Mano Stockholm

    La Mano - Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden - Political Revolutions on

    "La Mano (Spanish for 'hand') is a monument to the memory of the Swedes who died during the Spanish Civil War, most of whom fought in Thalmann Battalion. It stands on Katarinavägen on Södermalm in central Stockholm. The monument was created by artist Liss Eriksson and produced by him along with sculptor George Lange and was completed in the 1977. Lange has also made Spain map in stone on the ground next to the statue. On it are engraved the main battles, and they are mentioned in the quote on the pedestal."

    The engraving on the pedistal, in the shape of an uplifted hand, reads:

    Of the 500 Swedes who in 1936-38 were fighting for democracy in Spain one third were killed. They gave their best at Madrid, Jarama, Guadalajara, Brunete, Teruel, Aragon, Ebro.

    Hikers, stop - remember them with pride.

    On the back of the pedistal, there is also a metal plate in Catalan, that reads:

    The city of Mataró in tribute to the International Brigades.
    February 1996

    "Mataró is the capital and largest city of the comarca of the Maresme, in the province of Barcelona, Catalonia Autonomous Community, Spain. It is located on the Costa del Maresme, to the south of Costa Brava, between Cabrera de Mar and Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, to the north-east of Barcelona."

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  14. CL1

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    International Brigade Memorial Tower Hamlets town hall,Cable Street London.
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    Just watched the first part of this two part documentary on the Spanish Civil War....It's on a channel called Quest (37 on Freeview).
    Part 1 is repeated on Saturday night (29th July).

    "Michael Portillo presents a compelling two part series on a forgotten, often hidden war, with footage brought back to life in vivid colour..."
    Spanish Civil War with Michael Portillo | Quest TV

    I know the story well - Orwell et al - but the pictures add a horrifying dimension.

    As you know, Michael Portillo's father served with the army of the democratically elected Republican government.... the Fascist dictators were just getting started in 1936.
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    Not very good pictures - quick snaps on phone - memorial to the International Brigades in the Miners’ Hall in Durham

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