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    Command Decision came out in 1948 so the USAF was only a couple of months old at the time. It looks like the men are still wearing USAAF uniforms to me but can't be sure. It says USAF on trailer gooseneck. Tractor looks like an International. V1 looks pristine so it may be a US JB-2 Loon.

    Can anyone read the top line of the sign?

    Loew's Jersey is still standing in Jersey City.

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    US Army - US Army Air Force.

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    I don't have the offhand recognition skill, but 1948 makes me wonder if its a JB2 (US clone) rather than a V1?
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    Thank you.

    It's surprising that they have Army on the sign. The newly independent Air Force was trying really hard to put distance between themselves and the Army at that time.
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