Interactive map of Guadalcanal

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    I came across this site while doing
    some research for my Dad and thought
    that it would go well with this


    some cracking pictures, I have always wanted
    to pay this area a visit, still alot laying around.
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    My uncle was reported MIA on August 7, 1942. He was aboard the destroyer, USS Mugford DD-389. The Mugford was patroling off Lunga Point, Guadalcanal during the Marine Landings on Red Beach. Apprximately 1445 that day three Jap. "VAL" dive bombers dove on the Mugford. Two of the three dive bombers dropped two 100 lb. bombs on the destroyer. The third Val was shot down by the ship or the Navy air cover fighters. The first three bombs missed, but the fourth bomb hit the #3-5 inch gun position. The bomb blast destroyed the 5 inch gun, wounding and killing may of the men at that position. The blast also blew many of the men at #4- 5 inch gun position into the water. My uncle's body was never found. He was my father's oldest brother at the abe of 31. He was declared KIA on August 8, 1943.:poppy:
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    Some images from Guadalcanal.

    The artillery pieces are from a little known site in Honiara.

    The plane is a Zero in northern Guadalcanal

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