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    Here as a piece I wrote on SOE codes and their exploitation by German codebreakers:
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    Interesting article, although I'd disagree with this:

    "SOE was responsible for intelligence and sabotage operations against the Axis powers but since it had the same mission as SIS countless power struggles ensued between these two agencies."

    OE had an opposing mission to SIS, rather than the same mission. SIS was intelligence gathering; SOE specifically wasn't. It's role was sabotage and subversion which included such things as organising armed and passive resistance, subversive propaganda, economic warfare, administrative sabotage as well as wanting to make things go bang.

    SIS wanted a nice, quiet, peaceful environment in occupied countries in order to gather intelligence. SOE wanted a fight from within, or at least to prepare for that fight when the day came.
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    Having glanced quickly at Jeffery's MI6 history, I think there are a number of significant errors, misunderstandings and omissions in the article. It is notable that MI6 reported to the Foreign Office and its minister.
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    This article makes several errors - SOE Communications systems were controlled by SIS until 1942 - the setting up and smooth running of new systems took time.

    SOE was created in 1940 by the amalgamation of Section D of SIS, the War Office MI(R) and the Propaganda Dept Electra House, this was done with the intention of having OFFENSIVE Resistance under one roof so to speak - naturally this caused resentment in some parts of SIS who treated SOE as an upstart organization.

    In some areas co-operation was good at a local level, and in others SOE took the lead - it must be remembered that SOE was a GLOBAL entity and not just centred on Europe.

    We must also appreciate that German Signals Intelligence was very good on the counter intelligence level - we laud our own successes at Bletchley Park - but forget that the enemy had successes as well.
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    The best source of information about SOE communications security is titled Between Silk and Cyanide by Leo Marks, the man responsible for their codes. He repeatedly told Gubbins that many of their agents were working under control but he wasn’t believed. It’s an excellent read and used copies are readily available for as little as £3.
    Stan AMES
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    Stan Ames,

    The opening post's author has not been aboard since February 2014, although his website was active till June 2020 when he closed it Christos military and intelligence corner: 2020 His contact details are displayed there.
    I would recommend Leo Marks's book too.

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