Inns of Court Regiment, D-Day

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    Extract from : Headquarters, 6th Airborne Division

    "C Sqn INNS of COURT Regt.
    Certain portions of C Sqn INNS of COURT Regt may move into 6 Airborne Div area from SOUTH EAST of CAEN during D or D + 1 day.
    Troops to be expected Two patrols each of one Daimler Scout Car and one Daimler Armd Car.
    Recognition Signals. Cars will be flying blue pennants from aerials. If shot at cars will display yellow celanese triangles and fire yellow smoke. 6 Airborne Div Troops will display yellow triangles in answering. This must be done carefully so as not to disclose the position to the enemy. After identification cars will be guided to Div Headquarters."
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