Inns of Court Regiment 29.-31. March 1945

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    Hello, I have a few questions about the Inns of Court Regiment for the period 29.03.1945 to 31.03.1945. Does anyone know how exactly the Inns of Court Regiment was structured at the end of March 1945 (also vehicles and names)?

    Eyewitnesses reported that the Inns of Court Regiment was said to have made several reconnaissance runs on 29/03/1945, each with 3 vehicles. They said one small vehicle, one medium vehicle, and 1 large vehicle. What vehicles were usually used to conduct these reconnaissance runs. And were 3 vehicles usual for this?

    Furthermore, Lieutenant K. Hill and Corporal E. Trevett were killed on 30.03.1945. Did they belong to the A Squadron? Does anyone know who else from the Inns of Court Regiment was present at the incident? After all, the two would not have been alone on the road, would they?

    There were also a few wounded during the period. Does anyone know at which place or reconnaissance the following soldiers were wounded?

    31.03.1945 Lieutenant P. M. Welch,
    Lieutenant D. Baragwanath,
    30.03.1945 Sergeant W. Walker,
    30.03.1945 Sergeant E. Davy,
    30.03.1945 Trooper R. Cooke,
    31.03.1945 Trooper J. Almond.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hi Monument,

    I'm not sure how your post got overlooked! I am afraid that I don't have any specific information about the regiment. The Inns of Court were an armoured car regiment (Armoured car regiment - Wikipedia). Maybe someone here knows the "war establishment" (standard equipment) for an armoured car regiment. It would have had a mixture of scout cars and armoured cars but exactly which ones in March 1945, I don't know for sure.
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    PS there is a regimental history called Needs Must. My city's reference library has it so I might be able to check some details. It's not very long though (101 pages)
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    Here is the transcribed war diary for March 29th to 31st, 1945:
    IOC 66.jpeg IOC 67.jpeg IOC 68.jpeg
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    Hello Chris C, maybe there is something interesting written?
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    Hello dryan67, thank you very much for this. Unfortunately, it is not clear from the war diary exactly who else was in the battle (in which Lieutenant K. Hill and Corporal E. Trevett were killed). Does no one know to which squadron or troop the two belonged?
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    Ok, I will add that to my list to look at when I next go there :)
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    Hi, here are the pages from Needs Must. It looks like they were in A Squadron. Unfortunately the book did not contain any organizational breakdown or anything like that - it launched into the first day of action without any explanation at all!

    (Click for larger images)

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    Hello Chris C,

    thank you for this information.

    It really seems like the two were from A Squadron.
    Too bad it doesn't say who else was on the patrol.

    Best regards


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