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    I am trying to understand my fathers first 3 years in the army, like many he would never talk about it
    he joined up in june 1940
    the attached service record from Army personnel centre does not say much only that he was in the RAP 4 times and based in Wales and Ireland.
    The record of service says SOE for that time ,but no mention of this anywhere else.

    Then in 1943 he was transferred to the 8th armed brigade for some reason.
    From his army number and cap badge it looks like the unit was Royal Inniskillings.
    My question does anybody know if Irish fusiliers were seconded in 1940 to other units and where I may find personell listings
    thanks a lot in advance

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    Looking at the record, I think that SOE is an abbreviation for Struck Off Establishment. He appears to have served with the 6th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers from its formation as the 50th (Irish) Holding Battalion on July 1st, 1040 until June 30th, 1943. He was then transferred to the REME, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers on July 1st, 1943.
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    There is the possibility that he was employed as a REME Craftsman at one of the SOE Engineering Establishments situated in the home counties was there ever any mention within the family of places where her served ?
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    Thanks for your replies,
    I think I have the REME part from march 1943,he passed various mechanics courses and finally into 8th Army brigade as driver/mech in Feb 1944 then embarked 17june 1944.
    its the 1940/3 bit that's confusing. dad was very fit [ boxer] so in and out of RAP at this time does not fit.

    Record of specialist employment December 1940, MC something I think is motorcycle. he could ride.
    Places the 6th battalion were Newtown ,Bangor, tree Ardour bay, Ringwood fit with his leave dates.
    a bit more info added
    thanks very much for your time

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