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  1. Matt Halsey

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    My grandfather served with REME as a tank transporter driver during N. Africa and Italy campaigns.
    His record states that he was injured on 29 July 1944 (record WO 417/79).
    How can I find more details on what this attack was?
    I am struggling to find a copy of this injury record.
  2. Matt Halsey

    Matt Halsey New Member

    To clarify Date of Action was 11/7/44. Incident date was 29/7/44.
  3. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Can upload a copy of the documents you are referring to as its easier to read it in context - thanks

  4. Tony56

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    I am afraid that the chances are you won’t. The best you can probably hope for is that the war diaries give an indication of the actions on any particular dates; if he was not an officer it is unlikely that casualties will be named but they may give the numbers of ORs wounded.

    Have you got his service records? Get a copy of military service records - GOV.UK This is the only place to start researching a soldier and should show where and when he was hospitalised (if indeed he was) and when he returned to his unit. You will not get any medical records as these are restricted.

    Can’t comment on why he was injured 18 days after the action.


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