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    Evening All

    Having recently organised a major re union in Yorkshire for 78 Sqn RAF, I would be extremely grateful for some "pointers" from any "subject experts" out there in assisting a Dutch Gentleman who also attended the events. The following extract is reproduced from his letter

    ..."During WWII, a helpers group was active in the Biesbosch area of the Netherlands - especially from Oct '44 - May '45. Within this period the land south of the Biesbosch was already free, whilst the land to the north was still occupied by the Germans. The helpers group brought refugees and information to the south by means of small boats/canoes during the night. They took medicines to the north and they also aided RAF (& other) evaders to escape.

    I am a member of the (UK) "Escape Lines Memorial Society" and they are aware of numerous groups in Belgium, France & Spain. They are not aware of any such groups in Holland and in the Biesbosch area. However back in the Netherlands the "Biebosch Crossers" are very well known indeed . . .

    My actual questions are;

    1. Is there a source of information about the soldiers & airmen who came down in the last years of the war and those groups or individuals that helped down down to the south of Holland ?

    2. When such men arrived back in England they were obviously debriefed and notes were taken. So all of these groups large or smallmust be known somewhere - but where ?

    It is a bit of a long shot and my knowledge is limited to 78 Sqn but if anyone has the answers or suggestions, please either PM or contact me direct at

    I also have the Dutch gentlemans Home Address if anyone comes up trumps on the Biesbosch Crossers

    Thanks in advance for your co-operation


    Tony H
    78 Sqn
    RAF Benson

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