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    Hi All,

    I am just starting out on my quest to discover more about my Grandad’s involvement in the war, his name was Victor Lesley Denyer. He passed when I was quite young and did not speak of it to my Mum who would love to know more as well.

    I do have his war record, and know he signed up in 1937 and was in the Middle East with the 3rd RTR until being re- deployed with the 10th Armoured Signallers in 1943 as a tank commander.

    It looks like he changed again in ‘44 and was based in Italy until the end of the war.

    Any tips of information would be a massive help and very gratefully received.



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  2. James Tyson

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    Any ideas where I can start searching?
  3. Tony56

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    You have got off to a good start with his service records, I would create a detailed timeline and then look out the relevant war diaries and other sources of reference for the particular units . As far as his rank is concerned I read that as 'Tpr' i.e. Trooper.
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    A Trooper, and it seems from his Service Record, that he was one throughout his time in the Army, would not command a tank. That job is left to NCOs and Officers.

    I think that he was a driver and moved to drive one of the HQ 10 Armd Div Sigs vehicles once he left 3 RTR. The Div HQ would have had signallers to operate the radios and with his tank experience he would have fitted in perfectly driving an armoured vehicle of some kind.



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