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    RZM 61/35 SS --> cloth tag
    The Reichszeugmeisterei (RZM), was the national material control office of Nazi Germany. After 1934 the RZM was the sole distributor of licenses to manufacturers and tradesmen. (...)
    The numbers refer to the manufacturer (above) and the year of manufacture (below).
    source: RZM 61/35 Label

    III/23 --> SS-Sturmbann III/23: Beuthen, Dyngostraße 31, SS-Sturmhauptführer Röhle
    source: 23.SS-Standarte - Forum der Wehrmacht

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    Thank you sir, much appreciated. Would you have any idea what this would be worth?

  4. ltdan

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    I don't know anything about that. Remote diagnoses are also worthless:
    I recommend visiting a collector or dealer who can check the authenticity and knows about prices ;)
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    Thanks again, cheers
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    Perhaps I am going through a phase of negative thoughts but I question the reason why such uniform insignia is posted here, or anywhere else.
    Similarly close up photos of Nazi occupation forces.
    I understand the interest in one way and dislike censorship but is this a genuine historical enquiry (obvipusly commercial in nature) or distribution of propaganda for a banned organisation.
    Something that a certain Herr JG was very good at.
    Difficult one isnt it?
    (Fingers in ears and await the response).
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    Thanks for the reply, but I must say I am lost with its meaning. Cheers.

  8. CL1

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    I think the crux is the posting of Nazi memorabilia is not acceptable to some persons due to the atrocities carried out by the Nazi regime

    "how much is it worth"

    Is it real, if so there are as you know sites where you can flog it to collectors of said items
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  9. Wg Cdr Luddite

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    I don't get inflamed by viewing Nazi symbols. I just rate the people who post them as "potentially suspect".
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    There are, I guess, two basic 'types' :
    1. those who have a genuine interest in an item which, on this occasion, happens to come equipped with a swastika.
    2. Those who have another motive which can be anything from 'what's it worth' to something more 'suspect'.

    On this occasion, it appears that the OP is simply interested in 'what's it worth' not the sort of enquiry that 'fits' in this forum anyway and especially if there is also an ulterior motive. If there is a genuine interest in solely 'what's it worth' then there are other forums out there that cater for this. The clue as to the OP intention is clear; the 'what's it worth' question was asked by post couldn't really have happened any quicker than that!

    Note: my late father brought back a couple of small items each with 'swastika' - a 'cap eagle' and an embroidered arm badge which, I believe, were 'liberated' from the Fire police in a small town called Erfde (Schleswig Holstein). I've researched their basic history (prime objective) and, in the process, found out that they are 'worth' a few quid. The first aspect is relevant, the second aspect isn't (because they aren't for sale anyway).
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    I’m really not sure how or why my question has caused so much controversy. I was under the impression that the answer to my question would be easily found on forum such as this, where knowledgeable people would meet and discuss historical events/equipment etc. My question has been answered and I am grateful for that. Once again, my apologies for any negative issues my post has caused. Take care.
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  12. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    When a new member starts with a nazi themed thing us members are always wary that there are lots of Holocaust deniers out there so we like to understand the new posters remit

    your one was about nazi stuff and then you answered the query that you just want to sell it
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  13. Uncle Target

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    I was not complaining but questioning the display of such Regalia without historical context.
    Were it on the uniform of a soldier or even politician in uniform I would not have been so concerned.
    I have two photos in an album taken in Germany in 1937 but am careful where I show them so as not to cause controversy.
    The swastika in particular raises emotions.
    We had and still have WW2 veterans on this forum who could have been very vociferous had they seen them
    The world has changed since dad or grandpa came home with souvenirs of the war.
    I would be the last to raise political awareness, I just thought there might be an ulterior motive to the display.
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  14. Dave55

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    I have a lot of souvenirs that dad brought home that have swastikas on them.

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  15. Uncle Target

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    At least they are posted in context.

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