Information on kiwi escapee from camp PG106/20

Discussion in 'Prisoners of War' started by LucyW, Jul 25, 2014.

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    I have only just found this site yesterday, am finding it fascinating.
    I am in the process of researching information about my uncle, Pte Frederick James Wratten, #32927, from the NZEF not sure yet which battalion. Have applied for but not yet received his service record. I think he was in camp PG106/20 and escaped with 2 other kiwis (one called Ed Preston who was the subject of a film called 'Home by Christmas') after the Italian armistice. They were some of the first kiwis to make it to Switzerland, 20 Sept 1943.
    I have found mention of him on a few lists, but would love to know if there is more information to be had. Unfortunately, he did not appear to talk much about his experiences and he died in 1947.
    Would love to hear from anyone who might have come across anything that may help.

    Edit: I have just accessed a listing for him on 'findmypast' and he does have an Escapers and Evaders Transcription, WO208 4276, I am in NZ so would appreciate anyone letting me know if they already have a copy of the document or could get it for me.
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    Dear Lucy,

    Thank you for contacting me, I will reply you by e-mail and I hope other users may help you with official documents from the archives.

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    Hi Lucy,

    Here are two entries from the file WO392/21 from the British National Archives. One for your uncle and one showing two E. Prestons from the New Zealand Forces held by the Italians.

    WO392/21(which lists POW's held as of August 1943) has been known to contain errors, but I thought you might like to have these for your records.

    90.JPG 91.JPG
  4. Hi Lucy

    Have a look at the site ''The Pegasus Archives'' as Brian Sims has listed two camps with the same reference PG106/20 which were satellite camps used for agricultural purposes.
    (Tried to put a link but some how it is failing) ?

  5. LucyW

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    Thanks for the replies and also for the several helpful messages I have received. I wish I wasn't at work right now so that I could spend more time following up. I look forward to anything else that anyone can offer.

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    From the date he sailed from Benghazi I would presume your Uncle survived the attack on the "Jason".

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