Information on 2nd Lieutenant L.H. Harrison-North Staffordshire Regiment

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    A friend found this silver ID bracelet while metal detecting and would love to get it back to L.H. Harrisons family, I have tried searching various records but to no avail so I bring it here to the experts, any information no matter how small would be a help to return this to where it belongs.
    Many thanks.

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    Have you tried London Gazette?

    If you can find a Regimental History (WW1 or WW2) he may be named in the Index or it may contain a list of all officers who served.

    It may not be a WW2 era item so it might be worth posting on the Great War Forum as a Regimental expert there may be able to assist you further.

    Great War Forum

    Good Luck

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    Thanks for the reply Steve, the item has a 1917 hallmark on it and the only record I can find with the same name, rank and regiment is for 1941 hence why I posted on here, will look for a regimantal history for the regiment.
    Many Thanks
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    I know LG is difficult to search.

    In light of 1917 hallmark I’d post on GWF.

    I’ve had a look on Ancestry MIC entries but can’t spot your man under North Staffs but if he had never served overseas (transferred elsewhere or discharged in training or remained in U.K.?) with that regiment he wouldn't be shown. Have you looked for him in the N Staffs WW1 medal rolls?

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    Hi Steve and thanks for the reply, I have found out some information as follows :-

    L.H. Harrison who I believe to be Leonard Harrison who lived in Tynemouth, Northumberland who during the second world war served with the Home Guard (Dads Army) in the Northumberland area and served with the 7th Northumberland (Tynemouth) Battalion - 1st February 1941 he was listed as "2nd lieut late North Stafford Regiment" which points to him being a full time soldier possibly during world war one hence him being a 2nd lieutenant in the home guard and then on 20th May 1941 was made up to Lieutenant, He was awarded the British war medal and the 1939-1945 star.

    Seems he must have served in WW1 to acheive the rank he did in the home guard or maybe he was like Captain Mainwaring in Dads Army and assumed his authority lol - seriouslt though it looks like its going to mean looking at WW1 records and have passed the info over to the friend that found the bracelet for him to decide what he wants to do next.

    Thanks everyone for your input and info, much appreciated
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    Thanks for the update.

    Just a query re medals...Home Guard usually only awarded Defence Medal (if eligible) but if you are correct and he was awarded War Medal and 39/45 Star that suggests full time service in a theatre of war (usually 6 months to earn 39/45 Star - although there are exceptions).

    If that is correct his records may still be held by MOD rather than with WW1 officers papers at UK National Archives.

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    For what it may be worth I have one like this from WW1 and the engraving script is identical to that in the illustration @ Post 1.
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    Hypothesis. Employment in the Labour Corps was very often given to those previously wounded and recovered but not fit enough for the front line. It may be this is what happened to Lt Harrison and the above LG entry is a result of him being reclassified as fully fit for active service.
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    The undermentioned cadets to be temp 2nd Lts. 15 July 1917: —
    Labour Corps.
    Leonard Healey Harrison

    Harrison, Leonard Healey Barton I. Sep 1898

    (That's Barton on Irwell, Lancs).

    From Ancestry:

    Leonard Healey Harrison
    Birth: 10 Jul 1898 - Stretford, Lancashire
    Parents: Arthur Harrison, Ada Hartley Healey
    Marriage (1): 3 Mar 1928 - Broughton, Lancashire
    Spouse (1): Mabel Harrison
    Marriage (2): Sep 1946 - Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland
    Spouse (2): Edna Hilda Roper
    Death: 5 Jan 1959 - Cheshire

    No children are indicated from either marriage.
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    Harrison Household (4 People)
    37 Houghton Avenue , Tynemouth C.B., Northumberland
    Leonard H Harrison 10 Jul 1898 Bank Cashier (No.290 Special Constable)
    Margaret Harrison 24 Sep 1909 Junior Commander, Aux Territorial Services
    Alfred Normandale 12 Jul 1881 Goods Checker Shipping
    Ellen Normandale 14 Dec 1882 Unpaid Domestic Duties
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    many thanks for all the added info, I have passed it on to the finder of the bracelet thank you so much everyone
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    If its the right man

    British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920
    Name: Leoanrd Healey Harrison
    Regiment or Corps: Durham Light Infantry
    Regimental Number: 54663

    UK, WWI Service Medal and Award Rolls, 1914-1920
    Name: Leonard Healey Harrison
    Military Year: 1914-1920
    Medal Awarded: British War Medal and Victory Medal
    Regiment or Corps: Durham Light Infantry
    Regimental Number: 54663
    Previous Units: Durh. L.I. 54663

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    British Royal Air Force, Officers' Service Records 1912-1920
    Harrison LH (RAF).jpg

    Harrison LH (Probate).jpg
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    I’m sure that is the man TD as the discharge to commission date ties in with LG entry.

    So commissioned into 5th North Staffs Regt July 1917, after service in DLI, and transfers to RAF May 1918 as shown by Tony’s document.

    He may or not have had overseas service with North Staffs Regt post commissioning which may be shown in his entry in the RAF Medal Index Rolls (as per entry in his Army MIC).

    A good team effort from various members and IMHO an excellent result for the OP and the interested parties.

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    Not quite right.
    Durham Light Infantry - discharged to commission 14/7/17
    Commissioned into Labour Corps 15/7/17
    From Labour Corps to North Staffs Regt 8/12/17
    From North Staffs to RAF
    Fantastic effort by all those who discovered the documents.

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    This is amazing - the person who found the bracelet was over the moon and extremely appreciative to all of you on here earlier today when I updated him, with even more info he will be a very happy man - thank you all so much for all your help you are an amazing bunch - thank you

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