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    Those depicted include Norman Hannon (bare chested) and Len Gibson on banjo

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    Hi Mike, yes thanx for that i have already seen it, i.m trying to get a birthday for William, i know he was born in October but thats it. Also trying to aquire a photo. Regards Trev

    Trevor, you can order his Birth & Death certificate from THe GRO for £9.75 each

    PM, me if you need details

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    The Army ROH shows that he was born in West London and that at the time of his death he loved in South West London.

    At the time of the 1911 census William Joseph was 18 Months old, and living at 26 North Street Marlybone, With parents Steve and Alice and sister Lillian.

    He married Norah Mary Foulkes in March 1937, again in Marlybone.
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    Thanks for that phil i got most of that info in April, Norah was dads mom but he never knew his dad william because my dad was adopted and lived with his step family in rowley regis. Would you know if the regiments did photos of the sergents? Regards Trev
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    I am researching all the servicemen on my home village memorial. One is Sgt Cyril Towell 125th Anti-Tank Reg, service number 917871. He was killed (died) on 13th June 1943 and is buried in Kanchanaburi war cemetery.
    He was also mentioned in dispatches but have not found the record yet.
    Has anyone any knowledge of where the 125th were in June 43 or was he a POW?

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    Hi Edwin,
    The 125th were all taken prisoners at the surrender of Singapore, so he definately died whilst a POW.

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    Thanks for that. Confirms what I suspected having read up some other info. Also suspect that he must have been a worker on the 'death railway' due to its proximity to Kanchanaburi.

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    Can anyone tell me if 911891 Bdr Douglas Barker Herbert get a mention in either book?


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    The man kneeling at the back nr left is my mams cousin Robert(Bob) Howie, the man with the banjo is Len Gibson( who later wrote a book about his experiences.
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    Hi my dad was in the 125 anti tank regiment. He was aboard the empress of the sea. After the surrender he went to the Burma railway. I have been in touch years ago with Leni Gibson who remembered my father. I have been trying to find the book on the 125 anti tank regiment but they say there are no more copies does any one have one for sale. And can you tell me if my dad is in the book.
    His name was John Joseph marlborough. LenI told me everyone new my dad as Jacki. Dad returned after the war to ford street Sunderland. A year after the war he joined the army again and joined the special forces. He was based in Malay, and Germany .
    Later joined the York and Lancaster regiment after he retired 23 years later, we moved to Australia. Dad never talked about the war
    But my children are interested in that part of their grandfathers life he died at the age of 69.

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    Transcript of :-......... a small blue book in December 1946 by the 125th Anti-Tank Regiment Relatives' Association. The graphic story of the Regiment's experiences was compiled by Captain Ridley and Major MacKenzie.
    A copy of this book was in the personal effects of
    Gunner Alexander John Turner No 1455465 of the 125th Anti-Tank Regiment..............................

    125TH Anti-tank Regiment Royal Artillery | COFEPOW

    Current location of Alan Burns photographs of the Regiment (although its an old link and may die soon)

    BBC - In Pictures: The 125th Anti-Tank Regiment remembered

    John Dixon (a member here) has also done extensive work diary transcripts and soldier bios

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    AB64 Alistairs question on Herbert Douglas Barker Bombardier 911891 can be answered on the above link from Johns site

    The- Edwin question on Towell Cyril Sergeant 917871 can be answered on the above link from Johns site

    Trev1969 original question on Maton William Joseph Sergeant 786200 can be answered on the above link from Johns site

    Just keeping the thread alive

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