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    Hello to all
    are concerned, for a search that I'm making, to get news on the Allied prisoners escape to the south of Italy in 1943-44. In my territory (Province of Macerata and Ascoli Piceno) were operating, as far as I know, two British officers: Captain Andrew Losco and Major Jock Mc Kee. As for the biggest jock Mc Kee dispose of Wo 373 46 100 files dealing with the major escape from the prison camp in Cyrenaica in 1942.
    Captain Losco I found on a forum of this site the Wo file 373 46 598, which speaks of his escape from prison in Macerata. I occorerebbe know, if possible, any other news about them and maybe have a few photographs. Losco died in Yougoslavia in 1945. Does anyone know the circumstances of his death? Thanks for your attention.
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    Hello the name Lasco and Mc Kee both ring a bell. I had not the time to research if they are the same who had served in North Africa behind the lines as the branch G (R). Will try in the next days to dig deeper into that if there is a link.
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    Andrew Anthony Vincent
    Inter-Service Liaison Department,SIS (MI6)
    5th April 1945
    Athens Memorial,Greece Face 10
    parent unit General List
    born Egypt
    resided Egypt
    Lt ISLD in North Africa 1942
    award M.C.

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    MCKEE, Lt Col John ('Jock') Alec (1916-1981)

    Scope and Content
    Papers relating to his service in World War Two, 1942-1945, principally comprising copies of typescript accounts of his escape from a POW camp in Libya, 1942, and of his service with 'A' Force in escape operations in Western Desert, 1942, Italy, 1943-1944, and Austria, 1945, written in [1945-1950], with related photographs, 1942-1945; typescript eyewitness account of German atrocities against Italian peasants, 1943-1944, written in [1945]; official printed 'Analysis of surrendered German armies in Italy', issued by the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff (Operational Intelligence Section), Allied Force HQ, 1945.

    From an Italian forum site:

    English term or phrase: wireless set
    Da una nota a piè di pagina. Il wireless operator è un marconista e forse il wireless set è una radiotrasmittente/ricetrasmittente, ma non mi suona troppo bene con i "fortuitous encounters". È possibile che wireless set sia qualcos'altro?

    Details of Cagnazzo’s successful buccaneering in WO208/3484, and of material advantages derived therefrom in ASC Claim Folder No. 82839. Lt. Cagnazzo, an ‘A’ Force agent who may have been recruited from the Italian ex-patriates in Cairo, was the subject of a ‘special interrogation’ on 14 May 1944, the report of which (in WO208/5585) gives full details of his exploits in rounding up the generals’ party and conveying them to the coast, the helpers involved, and the fortuitous encounters with Major Jock McKee, a wireless operator and an unrelated **wireless set**.

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    Thank you all for your kind attention,
    I think that the two links that you sent me bamboo43 relate to my major Losco.
    LRDGEgypt, Major Mc Kee is just what he escaped from the prison camp in Cyrenaica with Captain H C Buck. (I dispose of the file describing their escape if you need someone I can put on the net.). The fact is that this greater Mc Kee was very skilled in his work over the German lines. Some Italian officials who collaborated with him they never met and, therefore, there is no material on him. In particular his right arm, my fellow citizen, Alcide Silence has shared with him the secrecy and being dead in the fifties are no available information about him ...
    Tricky Dicky thank you for the many and useful information.
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    Huck - have you had a look at this site - there is no mention of your two people on this site but they have helped many people in their searches and several people involved speak very good italian.

    Or this site
    I've given you the address of a page on which your Captain Losco is mentioned. Dennis Hill, who manages the site, is always interested and particularly keen to have contact with Italian researchers.

    Good luck

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    many thanks Anne, you were really kind. I'll follow your advice
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