Infomation on grandfathers ww2 history

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    Sorry for a bit of a begging first post but wondered if anyone would be able to shed any light on any of the items attached.

    Grandfather service in ww2 but other than what he kept he shared very little about it with his family/friends.

    300453437_482374209978620_1857963015566930894_n.jpg 300754398_619094313142999_3026288380348820330_n.jpg 300662758_2320511284764867_2860504166158722914_n.jpg 300997038_1787485418263360_123591783035961803_n.jpg


    Unfornately we dont have any infomation on any of the above but would love to find out anything.

    Thank you

  2. Robert Brewer

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    I'm sure you'll get a good response to your request Phil, especially as your grandfather was in an elite unit (Special Air Service or Special Boat Service).
    The starting point for any 2WW personal research has got to be obtaining a copy of the soldier's personal service record, see:-
    Get a copy of military service records.
    Do go direct to the government for the records - I'd avoid the various commercial companies which offer research services, half the value of doing this is learning yourself how to interpret records and to fill in the background.
    There is a backlog of service record requests due to Covid, so my advice is apply asap. Service records can be challenging to interpret at first, but as I said, you'll soon start to pick up the jargon etc, and this site is a very good place to come for advice on the detail.
    Good luck.
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  4. AB64

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    More tracer cards confirming is transfer to 1st SAS and with his Date of Birth confirming the link I posted is him

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  5. Philgb2002

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    wow this is brilliant, mad that you managed to find his date of birth quicker than his own daughter (my mother) replied to text with it to fill the .gov form in
  6. Philgb2002

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    Are the tracer cards above part of the military service records available from the government archives?

    Have sent everything you have so far to a contact to pass on to the credenhill camp historian hopefully she can find out some more infomation.
  7. AB64

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    The tracer cards are on Findmypast - they are one of the few bits available out with the official archives for WW2 service, the full records give a lot more detail
  8. Philgb2002

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    still waiting on the camp historian to hopefully provide us with some more details.

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