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    Any further information would be appreciated.

    [/FONT] Need assistance on Who/Where/What/How for this man who is on the Australian Commemorative Roll which is for those "Australians" who died in other Allied Services. If proved not to be "Australian" their names will not be removed from the Commemorative Roll however their details will be updated accordingly.

    I have researched the Air Force members but there are many more Land and Sea deaths in a myriad of different forces.

    There is not a lot of information on these people that can be accessed easily and I ask your assistance to fill in at least some of the gaps.

    Hopefully some relatives may see this thread and add more.

    I will make a different thread for each along the way as they may tend to get lost if clumped together.

    Commemorative Roll - Frederick Harold McCluskey
    Rank: Fireman and Trimmer
    Unit: SS Abukir
    Service: Merchant Navy
    Conflict: 1939-1945
    Date of death: 28 May 1940
    Cemetery or memorial details: Tower Hill Memorial, United Kingdom

    In Memory of
    Fireman and Trimmer
    Frederick Harold McCluskey
    S.S. Abukir (London), Merchant Navy
    who died on 28 May 1940 Age 25
    Son of Alfred and Kate McCluskey, of West Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia.
    Remembered with Honour
    Tower Hill Memorial
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    Details from the DAS Register for your man.


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    Details from the DAS Register for your man.


    Thanks Hugh.
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    I realise that this is 5 years+ old and assume that you've found out some information, but I thought that I'd add that the SS Abukir was sunk 8 miles off of Ostend on the night of 27/05/1940, rescuing soldiers (including my grandad) from Dunkirk.

    Of the 21 crew and 210 passengers, only between 26-33 were rescued. There was also a New Zealander who was part of the crew who died on this ship.
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    Panel from Tower Hill Memorial

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