Info on 2nd Batt Northamptonshire Regiment 1944

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    Hi looking to get any info on the 2nd battalion of the Northamptonshire Regiment in 1944 as my grandad served in it particularly the Sicilian campaign and Italy,where they were fighting in March 44 when he was wounded,his name was Ken Vallelly

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    Thanks Kyle,it's starting to point to Anzio as Bexley84 has suggested
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    I am taking a group to Anzio on 13-16 Jun 19. The study will look in detail at the crossing of the Garigliano on 17 Jan 44 - an operation that 2 NORTHANTS were heavily involved in as part of 17 Inf Bde, and then we will move up to Anzio itself.

    The Garigliano operation succeeded in getting the British over the river and onto the high ground beyond - in 2 NORTHANTS's case they were on the Minturno-Tufo Ridge. However, the Anzio operation that started on 22 Jan 44 did not go very well so 2 NORTHANTS and the rest of 17 Inf Bde were moved there in Feb-Mar 44. Here they stayed until the breakout on 23 May 44.

    If you would like to see all this on the ground, do get in touch.



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