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    I'm trying to get information about my father's service in WW2. He was involved in the transport and erection of bailey bridges. He trained in England, entered at Normandy and got as far as Nijmegen were he was hurt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    A little info on this site

    85 Bridge Company, RCASC, september 1944

    This link is for a veteran that served in the 86 Bridge Company, RCASC, but it tells a little about what they did and you might find it interesting as your father’s service would have been similar

    Work Responsibility with the 86th Bridging Company - Video Gallery - Veterans Affairs Canada

    And these two photo’s are trucks from the 85th Bridging Company



    This still’s are from the attached film clip below. The AoS number on their left hand front fender says 1302……which was the AoS number of the 85th Bridge Company RCASC



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    Thank you for this. Watching this film clip I see some very personal things. My father may have been one of those on motorcycle directing the trucks. I also see a couple of trucks, probably Diamond Ts that my dad talked about, carrying sections of bridging. The sections are sticking out the back of the truck. My dad was seriously injured and his friend killed when, at night, he rode his motorcycle into the back end of one of these trucks. The light on the differential was burned out and with blackout, no other lights on the trucks.
    I find it difficult to navigate the National archive site. What is the easiest way to get ahold of the war diaries for the 85 Can. Bridging Coy.? Or do you think this is the best source of information if I want to learn all I can about this time?
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    Hi dear !
    I have all the personal letters and a lot of personals photos from the officier in charge of the 85th Bridges Company. I also have his diary.

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