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Discussion in 'General' started by Gary Kennedy, May 2, 2018.

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    A few years ago I picked up a facsimile of a document titled "Infantry Notes No.14" published by BAOR in September 1945 (from MLRS Books). The content is varied and includes lots of snippets on things that get me interested, such as battalion telephones and mortar base plate upgrades. Yes, I know...

    Anyway, as this document is badged No.14 that suggests there were 13 earlier versions from the wartime years. I had a quick check on Discovery on the National Archives and nothing came up. The IWM site lists issues 12, 13, 14 and 16 (no 15) but nothing earlier, and it looks like they were published by 21 Army Group originally.

    I was wondering if anyone had come across these documents, and might perhaps know if they are to be found in the National Archives? I suspect they are the kind of thing that would be of great interest to me, assuming they've survived.


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    Annoyingly these remarkably useful things were treated as ephemera. Not official publications so no definitive archive copies held or a book to look neat on an (RHQ) bookshelf. Binned when considered out of date. They do crop up in archives or even personal collections (ex. IOs?). They can be scattered through Archives, Kew doesn't list a series however there are similar in general files - campaigns, equipment, etc, usually depending on the donor source. I have a couple of Middle East Theatre equivalents and am looking for some 21AG notes on vehicles.

    This is where the internet may prove useful to locating a database of locations especially here!

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