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  1. mac657

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    Hello all, does anybody have any idea what 'industry groups' listed on service records relate to, or where i can find definitions ?

    They obviously relate to trade qualifications or skills but i cannot find anything more specific.

    The group i'm interested in is listed as - 'SP'

  2. Richard Lewis

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    Hello Mac,

    I have stumbled across this and thought I remembered a question on the subject.

    Admiralty Fleet Orders, Manpower—Re-Allocation [9 August 1945]
    AFO 4386/45, Block Releases in Class B—Clay, Sand, Gravel and Chalk Pit Digging
    Industry Group SP Clay, Sand, Gravel and Chalk Pit Digging”.

    Hope it helps.


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  3. PeteT

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    Whilst researching occupational classifications (ie the numbers after the Industrial Trade Group Code) using documents held at the National Archives, I came across a reference which said that "the List of Industrial Trade Groups is in document E.D.526A"; as yet, I have not been able to track this document down.

    Richard, your document is the furthest I have got in identifying some of these codes; do you know if there are any more of these documents that I can use to possibly build up a complete list of trade groups?


  4. RAFCommands

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  5. Richard Lewis

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    Hello Pete,

    Have a look at the Royal Australian Navy site; Admiralty Fleet Orders.
    1945 has some AFOs titled "Manpower – Re-allocation". These contain several examples of Industry Groups and Occupational Classifications.

    Good luck with your list.

  6. PeteT

    PeteT Senior Member


    Thanks for the feedback; as yet, we have been unable to find the Industry Group listing in any of the LAB29 files


    Thanks for your feedback too: I have just ploughed through the various listings and come up with the following Industry Groups. The listing is obviously incomplete but it may be a useful start point. If anyone else has any they can add please let me know and I will update the list:

    AB Building and Decorating
    AC Public Works Contracting, Construction of works (other buildings), Mine and Well Sinking
    CD General Engineering, including Boilermaking (not marine)
    CE Stoves, Grates, Ranges, Pipes, Cast Iron Hollow Ware, Iron Castings, General Ironfounding
    CN Electrical Engineering
    DE Railway Carriage and Wagon, Tramcar and Trolley Car, Building and Repairing
    FH Paint, Varnish, Japan, Red and White Lead Manufacture
    GC Steel Melting and Iron Puddling Furnaces, Iron and Steel Rolling Mills and Forges
    GK Electric Cables, Electric Apparatus Manufacture
    GS Nail Manufacture
    GW Miscellaneous Metal Industries
    GWW Miscellaneous Metal Industries [Metal Windows and Doors]
    KA Rubber Manufacture
    MA Bricks, Pipes, Tiles, Fireclay Goods Making
    MB Pottery, Earthenware, China, Porcelain, Glazed Tiles
    MD Cement Manufacture, LimeKilns and Whiting Works
    MF Artificial Stone and Concrete Manufacture; Patent Fuel; Stone, Emery, Flint, Canister etc; Grinding and Crushing
    MP Glass Manufacture
    MT Glass Bottle Making
    NXL Laundry Service
    PH Commerce and Banking
    SA Coal Mining
    SE Stone Quarrying and Mining
    SF Slate Quarrying and Mining
    SH Mining and Quarrying
    SP Clay, Sand, Gravel, and Chalk Pit Digging
    VAS Cotton Operatives (Cotton Preparing, Spinning etc)
    VAW Cotton Manufacturing (Weaving etc)
    VB Woollen and Worsted Industry
    VW Textile Bleaching, Printing, Dyeing, Finishing etc
    WA Tailoring
    WB Dress and Mantle Making, Millinery
    WX Boot, Shoe, Slipper and Clog Trades
    XA Bread, Biscuits, Cake etc making
    XB Cigarette Manufacture
    XD Grain Milling
    XH Food Industries
    ZA Gas, Water and Electricity Supply Industries
    ZAE Electricity Supply Industries
    ZE Distributive Trades
    ZHC National Government Service
    ZHF National Fire Service
    ZK Local Government Services
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  7. mac657

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    Richard, thank you very much for clearing that one up. It corroborates nicely what i already know about my Grandfather's post war career. He did end up working on plant in gravel pits but i never knew for sure where he gained the skills and qualifications from to do that. I now know this was as a result of his wartime RE qualifications.

    Thanks again,

  8. Richard Lewis

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    I found this interesting, but irrelevant, list of occupation code numbers used for the 1931 census. They are different numbers to those used on the military service records. There are codes for acrobats (849), lion tamers (849), sunshade stick makers (422), egg breakers (940), archbishops (Anglican Church) (770) etc.

    My father’s service records include an “Industry Group and Occupational Classification Questionnaire under the provisions of ACI 183 of 1941”. The codes have then been added by someone else. Would this Army Council Instruction give any clues as to the whereabouts of any code lists? (WO 293/26).


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