Indian General Service Medal 1908. With clasp Inscribed, Afghanistan, North west frontier,1919."

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    Hi TD,
    Have just come across this printed sheet on my PC and copied it. The name of the troops on the sheet are :-
    Private Vane,Private Vincent, Private Watts, Private Wheatcroft, Private Wheeler, Private White. Also gives a lot of their Service Details. Couldn't get it to print the under sheet which had Tricky Dicky on it. Not sure but thought it might be something that had gone wayward. best Regards Ken B.
    ps all the complaints about Ancestry AU. Are true did you see the complaint emails there were thousands. All disappeared about 6 months ago. They have lost just about all my Family Tree. Well over a 100 photos of great ,Great, Great Rellies and lots of media papers. i first joined 2005 and it was a marvellous site. It appears to be our American Cousins bought it (not sure) as that was in some of the complaint emails. Td if i have got this in the wrong Thread, could you put it in the right one or just delte it. Best Regards Ken B

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