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    At least some of the editions of the Indian Army List have been uploaded by the Digital Library of India to the Internet Archive,

    The download options appear to be pdf files, (which is what is available on the Digital Library of India), and in addition a Torrent download, which I understand may also be called BitTorrent, but I am otherwise unfamiliar with this type of download

    Some other books uploaded by the Digital Library of India to you can read online, but this option was not available for the (small number of ) Indian Army Lists I looked at.


    Edit: It is possible that the the ability to read the book online may be a feature which appears in the next dew days, as these books have only been uploaded quite recently.
    2nd edit 1 April 2017: Some editions are now available to read online. At the current rate, it could be mid 2017 before this feature is available for all editions. Full range of Internet Archive download options appear to be now available.
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  2. Hello Maureen,
    I am researching my late father's service in the British Indian Army and found the WW2Talk website and the link to the FIBIS site. I encountered errors when selecting various links in the 1940-1947 period.
    Do you know if the FIBIS site has been disabled or if any other members have encountered problems?

    Thank you for your work and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Chris Houghton
  3. Hello Maureen,
    I solved the problem. Driver error!
  4. Maureene

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    Regarding the Indian Army Lists for 1943 which are linked from the FIBIS Fibiwiki page Indian Army Lists online
    Indian Army List online - FIBIwiki

    A researcher has kindly advised FIBIS that the digital files for April and October 1943 are intermixed, and catalogued incorrectly. I have made the corrections to the above Fibiwiki page.

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    Thanks as always Maureen. 1943, the most important year of all in this regard, well for me in any case.

  6. dryan67

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    Thanks for staying on top of this resource.
  7. Jaffacake Javed

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    Hello, any idea how I might find lists of non-commissioned officers?

  8. Maureene

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    Occasionally there may be senior NCOs appearing in the Indian Army Lists, but this may be for pre-WW2 periods. I am not aware of any other sources.

  9. Maureene

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    Three extra editions from Google Books from the FIBIS Fibiwiki page "Indian Army List online" Indian Army List online - FIBIwiki

    Also there is some limited information about the Indian Army, and other "Colonial" regiments in Army Lists for the British Army.
    There is a FIBIS Fibiwiki page "Army List for British Army online", section "Monthly Army List"
    Army List for British Army online - FIBIwiki

    I posted this information in a topic " Online Monthly Army List for British Army inc. 1920-1936"
    Online Monthly Army List for British Army inc. 1920-1936

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