Indian ancillary units (Field ambulance, Provost, Workshop, Transport..)

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    Anyone knows the number (W.E.) of men who made up the following indian formations during the Second World War in Italy?
    • Field Ambulance
    • Provost company
    • Workshop unit
    • Transport unit
    • Signals

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    Have a search for the recent thread on Indian War Establishments.
    It is not good news I'm afaid.
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    Hi IKE26,

    The volume of The Indian Official History "Expansion of the Armed Forces and Defence Organisation" gives some war establishments for 1939, for example:

    Mechanical Transport Company, R.I.A.S.C.
    peace: 320 all ranks
    war: 297 all ranks

    Motor Ambulance Unit, R.I.A.S.C.
    peace: 134 all ranks
    war: 80 all ranks

    There are several other unit types in these appendices however all are 1939 so not of much use for anyone interested in Italy, I'm afraid. If you would like more please PM me.

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    From war diaries I counted of the 8th Indian division:
    • Headquarter, Infantry Division
    • Divisional Headquarter Employment Platoon ,
    • Headquarter THREE Infantry Brigades
    • THREE Infantry Brigade Headquarter Ground Defence Platoons
    • NINE Infantry Battalions
    • Divisional Cavalry Regiment
    • Headquarter Divisional Royal Artillery
    • THREE Field Regiments
    • Anti-Tank Regiment Headquarter
    • Divisional Royal Engineers
    • Field Park Company
    • THREE Field Companies
    • Machine Gun Battalion
    • TWO Mule Companies
    • L.A.A Rgt

    They were nearly 14.200 men

    but I miss these following:
    • Headquarter Divisional Royal Army Service Corps
    • Divisional Ammunition Company
    • Divisional Petrol Company Divisional Supply Column
    • THREE Field Ambulances
    • Field Hygiene Section
    • Divisional Provost Company
    • Divisional Postal Unit Mobile Bath Unit
    • Divisional Section Intelligence Corps ,
    • Divisional Signals
    They could be 16.000 or more?
    what do you think?
  5. Hi Steve
    I am also looking for the war establishment table of Indian units in ww2. I found that your post is really interesting and informative. However, if you do not mind, can please check these war establishments gives the details of organisation as per rank and trades? I do apologize for giving you the hard task.
  6. Rothy

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    I'm afraid the breakdown by rank and trade is not given.

  7. Hi Steve
    Thanks. Just two more questions
    a. Are these WE mentioned the number of Officers and ORs of each unit, please?
    b. Is there any information about the composition of Indian Command, Field Armies, Corps, and Divisions, please?
    Sorry to disturb you a lot.
  8. Rothy

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    Hi Shams,
    I'm afraid the details you seek are not within this book. Do you have the 'Loyalty and Honour' series of books by Chris Kempton or the relevant volumes of the 'The British Armies in World War Two, An Organisational History' by David Hughes, David A. Ryan and others? If you can find copies of these you might find the information that you are looking for.


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