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  1. RobM

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    Hi, please can anyone help me. What is the rank or significance of the white stripe etc on the right arm of the man on the far right of this photo please ?
    Taken in India most probably end 1945, early 1946. Many thanks
  2. Owen

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    I'd said it was a Lance-Corporal stripe.
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  3. idler

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    It could simply be the visible half of a chevron but that doesn't explain the device above it.

    That said, some Indian units wore horizontal tape strips instead of chevrons on shirts. Never seen it on non-Indian troops, though, and the tape in this photo looks too long.
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  4. RobM

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    Thank you. I have a couple points/questions
    Again focused on the guy far right as I believe it is my grandad.
    The hat was that standard army issue or just Royal Engineers ?
    My grandad was in IWT 980 company in Royal Engineers in Burma. Could the white stripe and badge be for IWT ?
    Finally I know for certain he was in Kirkee IEME training centre post war August 1945 to March 1946 in Quarternaster dept. Could this arm insignia relate to that ?
    Thanks for any help - Rob
  5. idler

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    The slouch hats were pretty universal so nothing unusual there.
    It's odds on that the stripe is that of a lance-corporal but I still can't explain the blob above it. It looks too low on his arm to be a formation flash.
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  6. bamboo43

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    The photograph you have placed on the forum, is also featured on another website in relation to the 1st King's Liverpool and their service during 1944-45. It might be worth contacting the owner of the site to see if he can tell you more. The image is just over half way down the page as you scroll:

    WW2: My Grandad, the Chindit
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  7. AB64

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    I'd say its a L/Cpl stripe and the bit that looks like a separate piece above it is just the other arm of the chevron and a fold in his sleeve is making it look seperate
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  8. RobM

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    Thank you. This would make sense as my grandad was in the IEME or seconded to them for 8 months after the war in Kirkee, the Bombay Sappers. He was about that rank, awaiting full military records. Also I read after seeing replies that some of the Indian troops had silver stripes, I know he was also in Karachi area for some time. The formation or blob above the stripe I wonder if that is the insignia for the quartermaster department of the IEME ? I know that is what he did post war for 8 months as it is detailed as such in detail by the CO in his release testimonial on army papers we have. Thanks for your help.

    Thanks he was in IEME and in quartermaster department so maybe the "blob" relates to that ?

    Thanks, yes, that is where I first saw the photo in that article, I've been in touch. Many thanks

    AB64 I think you are completely right the crease makes it look separate but it's just the other side of the chevron, thanks

    Thank you makes sense ! As per other replies it seems some of the Indian Army had white chevrons.

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