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    I am doing research on a WWII SAS veteran by the name of "Chippy" Carpenter or Carpendale [ the latter I found in Roy Farran's book WINGED DAGGER ].

    The only information I have is that Chippy served in 2nd SAS during the war, jumped into France and Holland and evnetually ended up in Norway [ Chippy sent a photo of his unit in formation at the close of the war, all ranks carrying M-1 carbines ].

    However, sadly, I was told by a WWII Reenactor that Chippy died after being assaulted in 1992. This has only been based on heresay and I have no facts to support this. If anyone knows anything about this wonderful veteran, please contact me. Chippy was well known to several reenactors in Louisiana and Texas before his untimely death.

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    Hi Mick,
    I was talking to a friend last night about a TV programme detailing Nazi Concentration Camps, I remembered a conversation I had many years ago with a Gentleman called Chippy Carpenter, I was a member of a Battle Re-Enactment group known as BRA Battle Re-Enactment Associate, we were travelling to the Imperial War Museum in London where we were due to have our AGM, I had been introduced to Chippy by a mutual friend. Chippy use to play the part (very convincingly) of a German Officer as I remember. He was talking to me about how him and his troop had stumbled across a Nazi Concentration camp that had not yet been liberated, I believe he mentioned dispatching some camp guards but cannot remember details. We had a good old chat and carried on in a pub later with the other guys. A few weeks or possibly months later I was informed by our mutual friend that Chippy had been killed, I couldn't believe it, I remembered our conversation fondly but asked how it had happened. Apparently a WW2 RAF Gentleman was having a birthday party and unbeknown to him Chippy and a couple of other "Germans" had been hired to "capture" the ex RAF Guy, unfortunately the RAF Gent had a momentary flash back and picked up his chair and promptly hit Chippy with it killing him, when I heard this it literally brought tears to my eyes as it was such a stupid waste, its having a similar effect now all these years later. It made the National News Papers too, I believe the Sun ran a full page story on the tragedy. What a bloody waste, what a great guy, Im very proud to have had the chance to meet him and can still see him in my mind in his Regimental Blazer with his SAS badge on the left breast. RIP Chippy Top Fella
    Sorry guys for waffling on my first posts before introducing myself :-(
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    hello 2 RGJ Recce

    Mick was last on forum
    might be an idea to send him a private message.

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