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    Here is the programme of events for the IWM Museums so far (subject to alteration)

    Ryan -

    D-Day Sixtieth Anniversary Exhibition
    7 April 2004 - May 2005

    A special exhibition is being mounted to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy on 6 June 1944, the biggest combined operation ever seen in history. The exhibition will illustrate the planning and build up to the invasion and will show the events of the day itself through the personal experiences of those who took part.

    An audiovisual programme, incorporating original footage filmed during the landings, will cover the background to the operation and the sequence of operations on D-Day.

    Among the exhibits on display will be secret briefing documents and papers written by Eisenhower, Montgomery and other commanders; models used by the planners; top-secret papers, shown in public for the first time, relating to the double-agent 'Garbo', whose messages helped to deceive the Germans about the location and timing of the landings; tools used by one of the engineers who helped to build the famous 'Mulberry' harbours; sabotage equipment issued to SOE agents to hamper German defenders; a sickbag issued to soldiers in the landing craft; the Victoria Cross awarded to Company Sergeant Major Stanley Hollis of the Green Howards, the on!y VC to be awarded for actions on D-Day; water-stained maps and equipment used by soldiers who landed on the beaches; some of the only surviving photographs taken by Robert Capa of the landings; the first news despatch to reach England from the beaches and the Dickin Medal awarded to Gustav, the pigeon who flew through anti-aircraft fire to deliver it; the diary of a nurse who dealt with the first casualties; and a communion set and notebook carried by an army chaplain who helped to bury the dead. There will be oral history recordings made by those who took part in the landings, together with film footage, photographs, diaries, and letters from the Museum's collections.
    The exhibition is being mounted in conjunction with a major drama-documentary to be shown on BBC One. The official book of the drama and exhibition is D-Day by Dan Parry, published by BBC Books price £12.99.

    Imperial War Museum and D-Day
    The Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944 - Operation Overlord - came after five years of war with Germany. It was the biggest and most complex combined operation in history, involving co-operation between the naval, air and ground forces on an unprecedented scale and marked the beginning of the end of the Second World War.
    2004 is the 60th anniversary of this landmark event and at the five branches of the Imperial War Museum you can discover the fascinating stories of the people involved, from generals and political leaders to soldiers and civilians, through a series of special exhibitions and events.

    Imperial War Museum London
    This internationally acclaimed Museum tells the story of 20th century conflict through unique exhibits and extraordinary personal stories. The Museum includes a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Holocaust, galleries that contain one of the leading collections of 20th century British art and a changing programme of special temporary exhibitions.

    From April 2004
    To mark the anniversary, the Imperial War Museum London is mounting a special temporary exhibition. The exhibition will look at the personal experiences of some of those who took part in this remarkable event. It will include film, photographs and documents relating to the planning of the operation, the dramatic landings and the aftermath.

    Cabinet War Rooms
    Cabinet War Rooms was the secret underground HQ used by Winston Churchill and his staff during the Second World War. Concealed beneath the streets of Westminster, the site was operational around the clock, it remained the nerve centre of Britain's war effort until the lights were finally extinguished in August 1945.

    29 May- 6 June 2004 'The Night Before D-Day'
    A specially commissioned play will be performed daily. The drama focuses on the final hours of planning and preparation before the crossing of the Allied fleet and captures the tense atmosphere of the final build up to the invasion of France. Throughout the week, illustrated talks will be available for adult and children's groups, focusing on Churchill's close involvement in the planning of D-Day.
    Wartime documents and correspondence will also be on display, including the letter written by the King urging Churchill not to undertake the hazardous voyage to the beaches of Normandy.

    HMS Belfast
    HMS Belfast played a leading role in the Normandy landings. As part of the Eastern Naval Task Force, she supported the British and Canadian assaults on 'Gold' and 'Juno' beaches and, at 5.30am on 6 June 1944, was one of the very first ships to open fire on German positions.

    29 May-6 June 2004
    HMS Belfast will be holding a week-long series of activities to mark the dramatic events of 1944. To recreate the atmosphere, genuine D-Day broadcasts will be played and Second World War footage of the cruiser in action will be shown on screens around the ship.

    Re-enactors, in authentic costume, will conduct D-Day briefings and demonstrate how the gun turrets worked. The six-inch guns themselves will be fired on 5 and 6 June and there will be a special 1940's dance night onboard on 4 June.

    Imperial War Museum Duxford
    In June 1944, Duxford was an operational airfield and home to the American 78th Fighter Group. They were heavily involved in the action over the beaches on D-Day, providing aerial support and fighter cover in their P-47 Thunderbolts. Today, Duxford features The Normandy Experience, the largest permanent D-Day exhibition of its kind in the UK, which presents vehicles and artillery pieces in dramatic scenes. Experience the sights and sounds of D-Day in this stunning exhibition and hear the voices of some of the men who took part. Also included are displays about the most famous British soldier of the Second World War, Monty - Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery.

    29 May-6 June 2004
    To mark the 60th anniversary of D-Day, Duxford will host a week of varied events culminating on Sunday 6 June with the spectacular D-Day Anniversary Air Show. This major air display will feature aircraft of the type that took part in the invasion, tanks and military vehicles as wel! as a service of remembrance in honour of those who gave their lives, ft will also provide a focal point for those wishing to commemorate D-Day in the UK.

    Imperial War Museum North
    On the banks of the Manchester ship canal in Trafford, Imperial War Museum North tells the stories of the war and conflict have shaped the lives of British and commonwealth people from the First World War to the current day. Recently awarded the accolade of North West Visitor Attraction 2003, this stunning Museum is the first UK building to be designed by internationally-acclaimed architect Daniel Libeskind,

    29 May- 6 June 2004
    IWM's newest Museum will be marking the anniversary of D-Day with a wealth of personal stories. Photography and archive film will be joined by the voices of some of those who were involved in 1944, encouraging young people today to understand their own histories.

    A week-long programme at Imperial War Museum North will include a display in the WaterWay exhibition space on D-Day preparations, film screenings, performances with the Royal Exchange Theatre, special tours and school workshops.
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    Originally posted by salientpoints@Apr 15 2004, 07:07 PM
    29 May-6 June 2004
    To mark the 60th anniversary of D-Day, Duxford will host a week of varied events culminating on Sunday 6 June with the spectacular D-Day Anniversary Air Show.
    Just to add that the IWM Duxford have now gone back on their decision to charge D-Day Veterans £8 to attend the airshow that is being held in their honour.
    Any Veteran who has already paid for his ticket will get a refund on the day.

    Although the IWM Duxford should be applauded for making this U-turn it beggars belief that they decided to charge the Veterans in the first place.

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