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Discussion in 'Research Material' started by Noel Burgess, Aug 6, 2010.

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    So it's now the Imperial Phwoar Museum!

    Bet they get arsey if you turn up to watch, though...

    I'm reminded of the criticism of the Spice Girls (or whoever) performing at some commemoration which was countered by the very good point that the young blokes who'd died would probably have appreciated the spectacle of some skimpily-clad young-ish ladies.
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    I laughed at that when it briefly rippled across the Twatterverse.

    Please, museums:
    Just show me stuff, and things. All the lovely interesting things.

    Too late probably.
    Support your local more independent museums. The ones that aren't apologising for their collections & want to show you stuff & things, with a decent bacon sarnie & bookshop thrown in...
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    ‘...diversify its visitor offering...’ just about sums up what is happening to the IWM. I wonder if there is the tiniest of chances that the cash raised from yoga classes, crystal healing sessions, advanced yogic levitation tuition etc could be used to offset the costs of media licences for photographs for which the tax payer has already paid. :mad:

    Furthermore, in my view there is something distinctly tacky if not downright distasteful to have people doing yoga with a backdrop of weaponry which rained death, destruction and misery on this country.
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