IMH (Shillong), 57 IGH, 23 ICCS

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    My father, Capt. JD (Jock) Morton was a ECO with the 5/6 Rajputana Rifles from '42 - 46. During his service he was hospitalized three times - not for wounds, according to his Service Record, so I am assuming that they were for illness.
    He was at IMH Shillong (Indian Medical Hospital?), 57 IGH (Indian General Hospital?) and 23 ICCS (Indian Casualty Clearing Station?).
    Are my translations of the abbreviations of IMH, IGH & ICCS correct?
    Does anyone know where 57 IGH was located in June/45?
    From the Service Record, it looks as though 23 ICCS was in Java.
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    Hi Culcalling,

    IMH - Indian Military Hospital, IGH and ICCS are as you have written

    I can't find 57 IGH listed in any of three official histories I have copies or partial copies of. The hospital did however exist as there is a war diary for it at The National Archives - see WO 177/1305 - January 1944-December 1945. This might mean that the hospital was not in the area of Eastern Army, responsible for operations against the Japanese in Burma, and is to be found elsewhere in India.

    I have found references to 23 (Indian) CCS but only up until March 1945:
    - October 1944 - at Redwinbyun, near Maungdaw
    - March 1945 - at Kyaukpyu.

    23 ICCS is not listed the the XII Army (Burma) order of battle for July 1945 which suggests it may have been withdrawn to India after March 1945? The TNA has a partial war diary for this unit: WO 177/289 and possibly WO 177/660.

    Sorry I can't be of much more help.

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    Thanks very much for the information you were able to scare up Rothy - it's been helpful!

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    57 IGH was at Nasik, India in 04/45, but seem to have been in Iraq by 08/45.
    23 Ind CCS was still in Java on 12/11/45. It was disbanded 15/08/46.
    5/6 Raj Rif was at Nasik in 04/45 and Java from 10/45 to 07/45ish.
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    Thanks very much Jitter!
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    Thanks Jitter. May I know your sources please? For reference.


    JITTER PARTY Well-Known Member

    Most published sources end 08/45 or 02/09/45; after that things get more difficult.
    WO 203/1866
    WO 203/6147
    WO 212/474
    WO 203/6331
    This last is for 25/05/46, but they were in Malaya by 08/46 so 07/46ish was an estimate. I have conflicting evidence as to which formation 5/6 Raj Rif was actually with at that time. By 10/46 they were with 89 Ind Bde in Malaya, but preparing to return to India and join 5 Ind Bde of 4 Ind Div.

    ps Just spotted my original error! Malaya 07/45ish would have been quite difficult. I meant 07/46ish, of course
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