Images of POWs, 1940

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    Yep, you are right! Looks like the author of this brief leaflet gathered some epithets, that had been used in anti-German pamphlets, and attempted to return these words back, by way of an accentuated sarcastic retort.
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    Thanks for clarifying that. I got the sense of it but verbal humour of this type clearly doesn’t travel well! :D
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    In a similar vein to the press photo above...
    “English prisoners on the way to Berlin” taken in France May-June 1940.
    875196D2-A0AD-4AAC-8099-860F07D36ADB.jpeg 1F16830E-6CA7-4DAE-BFEF-A8853E1EE9B5.jpeg
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    The caption looks like "Englische Gefangene auf dem Wege nach Berlin" (English POW on the way to Berlin).
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    British POWs. Taken in Albert, France.
    7012AC6C-E73F-4B6D-A03A-899160E2AEA9.jpeg 5170C2A3-A18B-4FA1-819B-6C1A24F6C0B3.jpeg
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    Interesting how the word "Tommy" is written - Tommi. Actually, the correct spelling in German is the same, as in English. But the caption writer put it down just in this way.
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    Does anyone know which BEF units were fighting in the vicinity of Albert at the time? Drew5233 maybe?

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    12th Division: 7th Royal West Kent at Peronne and Albert, 6th Royal West Kent and 5th Buffs in Doullens, 7th Royal Sussex in south of Amiens, 2/5/6/7th Queen's Regiment at Abbeville
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    Many thanks - I had a question about the photo on my Facebook page and can now supply an answer.
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    no information but relevant to the title.
    1940 pow.jpg

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    The title is "A Durham Light Infantryman with his Prisoners" :)
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