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    How much longer do you think World war 2 would have lasted if the U.S had not dropped the a bombs on Japan and they had decided to invade Japan and if Hitler and Germany had not crumbled when they did and had made smarter decisions earlier in the war. Also what do you think would have happened and what would the end result be. How many more people do you think could have died. Im interested in everyones opinions
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    This has been discussed before (I think) but I will continue it anyway.

    I believe that had the USA not dropped the bombs and instead undertaken Operation Downfall the invasion of Japan for a start the war would have lasted at least a year or two longer and caused countless more deaths. As a result of this the USSR might have been called for assistance to help the US defeat the Japanese in mainland Japan. If this had happened then Japan would have been divided like Korea and Vietnam. There would have been no Emperor and no Japan as we know it. If the US had not called for assistance then she would have utilised all means to overcome the Japanese resistance as every man, woman and child would be involved the US would have suffered huge casualties (the estimates for Downfall were around the 1 million mark) and public opinion may have swung against the war. However I believe that all that would have happened would have been an Invasion of the Japanese Home Islands (Downfall) and the war would have lasted at least in 1947 in my opinion. Considering the nature of the Japanese defence I would say it would be plausible that another 5-10 million people would have died before the wars end.


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    Ok i guess people dont want to respond on this message board becuse 27 people have viewed my post and only one person has responded so im not going to wate my time in discussing this matter with you. It is quite an interesting question
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    Originally posted by baseballrulz17@Sep 13 2005, 10:21 AM
    Ok i guess people dont want to respond on this message board becuse 27 people have viewed my post and only one person has responded so im not going to wate my time in discussing this matter with you. It is quite an interesting question
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    Don't take your bat & ball and go home "Baseballrulz17". This is predominantly a UK board and although the "UK" was involved in Asia is doesn't have the same focus as the ETO or MTO.

    Gnomey has posted a reply so why don't you start the ball rolling and respond to his post.

    I have posted "interesting" topics with plenty of looks and no responses except for some Aussies and US members.

    Baseball and the Union Jack don't usually go together........unusual!
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    This is a "What if" question and to be honest many people do not like answering them because they normally end up as a slanging match for the simple reason that there is no
    correct answer
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    Well, I'll try to take a shot at this, being half-British and a baseball fan, an odd connection. (My mother was a huge baseball fan, too)

    In addition to the comments made earlier, Japan would have been devastated from end to end from bombing and general warfare. Starvation and disease would have haunted the land, along with massive hatred and resentment for the Allied invaders. The surviving POWs would all have died in massacre or from exhaustion.

    The Soviets would likely have conquered all of Korea, and dominated Manchuria.

    The vast expense, both human and material, of the invasion of Japan, would have slowed down American post-war recovery. The lack of use of the atomic bomb would have prevented anyone from knowing about their attendant horrors, so revelation of the "unused weapon" would have had a massive domestic American backlash against the Truman administration for not using a device that could have saved American lives. In addition, there would be pressure on Truman (or his successors) to use that weapon against the Soviets as the Cold War heated up, which may have seen the first use of atomic bombs being on Soviet forces or cities, followed by Soviet retaliation in Europe.

    One certainty: my father, being of draft age in June 1945, would have been killed, a late replacement in the invasion of Kyushu or Honshu, probably by a little kid pretending to befriend him or seek his help. When Dad would have instinctively tried to help the kid out, the kid would have whipped out his ceramic hand grenade and blasted both to join their honorable ancestors, and I would not be sitting here to type this note. Instead the grenade sits in my desk shelf, with no explosive in it.

    As for why my English mother likes baseball...she heard it on AFRS during the war, and understood it clearly. Since the Yankees won three straight American League pennants from 1941 to 1943, and were in contention after that, she became a Yankee fan, and remained one to her death in 2002.

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