Identifying Grandfathers Regimental Uniforms

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    The photos on the left, (showing the Inniskillings) as discussed is a fantastic illustration of the post WW1 Service Dress, known to most WW1 collectors as 1922 pattern. This differs from that of the 1907 pattern worn in the Great War in many details - I can go into them if you like - but here the most significant detail is that of the wearing of collar badges. This was adopted in around 1924 I believe, and were not normally worn in the earlier conflict (though there were many who did). Service Dress was intended for all purposes, and was to be a combat uniform. Here the two soldiers are clearly at rest, as they are not wearing puttees, which was normal on parade - they are also wearing shoes - so are 'walking out'. The inverted chevrons are, as noted, good conduct badges - worn for 'two years undetected crime' as soldiers often put it. The guy on the right seems to be in the 25th dragoons as mentioned, a WW2 raised unit, so he may have transferred in if he had suitable skills (not necessarily with horses!). He has been a good lad with two good conduct badges this time, and wears a brightly coloured cap (Field Service Cap), which was not official issue, but which was purchased by the soldiers themselves....

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    I thought i'd just give a follow up to this thread as i've recieved my grandfathers service record from the MOD. He signed up with the Highland Light Infantry in July 1936. Transferred to the Royal Irish Fusiliers in June 1937 and then transferred to the Royal Armoured Corps (25th Dragoons) in Feb 1941. He is stated as being in India when he transferred into the Dragoons. He is also listed as being a driver Mechanic with the Dragoons.

    Thanks to everyone who helped. It was much appreciated.

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    Trooper T.Reid 3311767 Dvr.Mech.D/11 is listed in 25th Dragoons "A" Squadron as embarked Calcutta 3rd December 1943, disembarked at Beach Reju Khal 5th December 1943. (LST21).Source:25th Dragoons Official War Diaries 1943.

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