Identify unit by vehicle number?

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    These soldiers where stationed in Enschede, The Netherlands in 1945. They wear the 2nd British Army shoulder patch.
    Can the specific unit be identified based on the numbers on the lorry in these photos?


  2. Rich Payne

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    The white bar under indicates Army Troops.

    '9' on a black background with this bar was allocated to HQ 2nd Army and HQ 1st Canadian Army. The '9' was also used by 2nd Army HQ Signals but then usually on the blue/ white background.

    Bearing in mind that it's a UK built Fordson and there is no 'C' prefix to the census number, Canadians would seem unlikely which narrows it to HQ 2nd Army but of course this would have comprised troops from numerous corps.

    Is he wearing denims with slip-on shoulder titles ? Can you bring it up more ? Possibly 'R Sigs' ?
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  3. The number 9 on a black square (looks black to me) with white bar below indicates Army HQ, thus HQ 2nd (British) Army.


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    Thank you. It is indeed a slip on on his shoulder but unfortunately the quality of the footage is not good enough to make out what it says.

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