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Discussion in 'General' started by Spore507, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Spore507

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    EB693AE7-0BFD-4854-AE09-7A2E044653A1.jpeg DA20EC40-DB77-4F7A-91BE-D57371009C58.jpeg Happy new year all,

    I’d be grateful if you could please assist me to identify which unit the soldiers in this photograph belong to.

    To my eyes, the badge looks like King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, but the Tam o’ Shanter the corporal is wearing has me stumped....

    Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  2. canuck

    canuck Token Colonial Patron

    The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Cap Badge is also a possibility bu the tam badge is hard to pinpoint.
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  3. tmac

    tmac Senior Member Patron

    Are the corporal's collar badges Royal Artillery or Royal Engineers (flaming grenade?)?
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  4. jmcq

    jmcq Junior Member

    The corporal is wearing a Scottish regiment tunic , suggests possibly the RSF or Scottish Fusilieer regiment ?. Collar badges very similar to RSF s.
    A course instructor ?
  5. Spore507

    Spore507 New Member

    Training course might be right - both The KOYLI and Several highland regiments formed part of the 49th Infantry Div, if I recall correctly.

    Picked the photo up at a flea market today (I live in Australia). Interestingly it’s a photograph postcard. Sadly no description...
  6. Staffsyeoman

    Staffsyeoman Member

    Just my two-penneth; the badge worn by the light infantrymen most certainly not the KOYLI; KSLI possible, but looks more Durham Light Infantry to my eyes. The Scottish Corporal; first thought was a Scottish TA infantry converted to RA, but his right collar looks to be an extended flame and I see no scrolls beneath - so I agree that it is most likely Royal Scots Fusiliers. Possibly a training squad at an infantry depot?
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  7. ceolredmonger

    ceolredmonger Member

    Certainly basic training - The unusual item in the photo is the use of 39 Pattern Equipment belts - leather versions of the 37 Pattern. Used as 'substitute standard' in training, depots and such, saving the real stuff for front line. Also issued to some Home Guard.
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  8. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe Member

    I agree that he's probably an instructor, but are you sure about it being basic training?

    At that time, I'd have expected initial training to have been held at the respective regimental depots?
  9. skimmod

    skimmod Senior Member

    the cpl is a member of the 4th Bn RSF. this comes from the way he dresses and the fact the length of the shoulder badges are only possible with the 4 between the RSF and the flaming grenade!

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