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Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by alvamabel2018, Apr 20, 2018.

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    Please could someone tell me some historians views on: How far was hitler being in control of german strategy responsible for german defeat in world war II. Much appreciated!!!!!!
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    Have a look at this and check the books in the bibliography for more detailed research:

    BBC - History - World Wars: Hitler's Leadership Style
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    A big question! Although not being a patented historian, my simple reply would be that, yes, as the Führer Hitler led Germany to a war most of his countrymen did not really feel ready for, and after the first successes made the major wrong decisions that ultimately brought Germany's defeat.

    But one should never forget that he might very well have won the war, or at least established an enduring grip on Europe, but for these errors and in spite of the heroic resistance put up by the people of the USSR and of the UK - but this is entering the "what if" realm which is no longer strict history...

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    Could be wrong but it sounds like a school/college modern history essay/project type question?

    If my supposition is correct IMHO it’s a bit of a “shortcut” (another word could also fit the bill) to join an Internet forum and immediately ask members to provide the answer to the question.

    In my day I’d have been hot footing it to a library to look up sources in the Military History section and even in these days I’d be googling myself rather than posting on a forum and asking others to provide sources to answer the question.....

    Apologies to the OP if I’ve got it wrong......but.....

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    I go along with Tullybrone here regarding carrying out research. There's no substitute for finding out for yourself.

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    It would be wrong not to respond to this topic.Responding may motivate the poster to be more intrinsically interested to what has happened in the past.

    There is an abundance of the accounts of Hitler's rise to power,his vision and how he seduced the majority of the German people to follow him to war.His personality traits have been examined by many and how these traits determined the course of the war. The historian A J P Taylor portrayed him as a gambler who would play for high stakes with inadequate resources....Hitler philosophy on war was to conduct a lightening war with the occupied country paying its occupational costs.

    Mounting the war against Russia,his plans went astray when he was distracted by initiating aggression in the Balkans...6 weeks late in the plan to overcome Russia, a war he stated would last 6 weeks.....summed up by a comment he is reported to have made based on the contempt he had for Stalin,Russia and the proficiency of the Russian armed forces....."kick in the door and the whole house will come tumbling down"

    Hitler,brimmed with political and military confidence as he rose to power.However his service in the Great War was as a Corporal.His experience of war led him to believe that there was no one in the Wehrmacht leadership capable of making high level military decisions,(they already had given an oath of loyalty to Hitler in 1938 in lieu of that to the German state)....that role was his.Consequently his modus operandi was to control the war at times of crisis down to battalion level...no commander could withdraw/retreat or take up a defensive line without his permission.His record of the dismissal of his military commanders speaks for itself.Some might say that Hitler was one of the best "Allied commanders".The rout of the 6th Army at Stalingrad was a prime example of Hitler not allowing von Paulus to take action to avoid encirclement.

    When Hitler gained power in January 1933,his foreign policy should have been realised along with his vision....Germany would be transformed into the Greater Germany based on unifying the German speaking peoples and extending the boundaries of Germany by seizing territory in the East to create living space. Addressing the wrongs of the Versailles Treaty was thought to be the motivation of Hitler but from March 1939 when he occupied the whole of Czechoslovakia,it was realised that only war would stop Hitler's and Germany's expansion.

    Hitler made an error in the summer of 1939 when he was assured by Ribbentrop that Britain and France would not go to war over Poland.However he did take the advice of his generals when war broke out and delayed his blitzkrieg against the west until May 10 1940,leading to the interim period being dubbed the Phoney War.
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    AJP Taylor's views on Hitler were certainly thought provoking at the time (c1960). The generally accepted view was that Hitler was a dangerous lunatic with evil intent. Taylor suggested that he was rather an opportunist, having no real plan other than to make Germany strong and give it a sense of national pride. The fact that the then world powers did not oppose him simply encouraged him.

    I think that this forum has a role to play in education. Not to write students essays but certainly give pointers and information. Students today get much information from the web and social media and are encouraged to think rather than quote the textbook.

    I dare say I have not expressed this well since I am hot and tired from working in the garden on this perfect spring day.

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